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We empower passionate high school students to publish original research on the most pressing international issues, training them with researchers at the leading research universities.

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Discover, research and publish original work on a topic of international importance.

The Carta Institute empowers passionate high school students to research the most pressing issues on Earth by connecting them with leaders at the best research universities. Our mission is to bring the academic community around international relations and political science to the most driven high school students in changing the world around them. 

Global Research Fellows
Develop and publish a research paper over the course of a semester
PSIR Certificate
International relations & politics bootcamp with experts from the field
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global research fellowship

Spend a Semester Diving Deep on an International Area of Study and Publish Research

PSIR Certificate
We begin right off the bat with a real-world interactive simulation. Fellows will analyze a global problem together with the guidance of our Mentors and Instructors and then prepare for the modules of the week ahead.

Research Methods Modules and Writing
The two Cores then split up to learn in their research modules. Every day, Fellows receive high-quality asynchronous lectures, complete with activities and multimedia components to ensure comprehension, and then prepare work assignments to bring to synchronous meetings in the evenings. Teams meet together for an hour per day to review the course material, practice public speaking, and guide Fellows to further analyze their case study.

Final Presentation and Publishing
The Fellowship concludes with a two-day summit, which reunites each Core’s teams in a simulation. Fellows apply the coursework from the week’s modules and represent their country or Senator in front of the entire summit. Finally, teams finish by writing a comprehensive document to summarize their analysis, to be presented to the Summit in full. The weekend wraps up with an awards ceremony to recognize the highest-performing and most collaborative Fellows of the Program!

GRF student profiles

We partner with you to achieve.

Global Research Fellows explore and choose a topic they are passionate about at an international scale, then execute on their research plan, creating a publishable article and research paper.

Karina, Grade 10

Hometown: Menlo Park, CA
Activities: Speech and Debate Club, Founder, Non-Profit Organization

Research Paper Title: Creating Sustainable Pathways to Rural Literacy: Review of Kenya's ICT Programs

Publication Distribution: Undergraduate Organization Journal, Academic Blog

Rohit, Grade 11

Hometown: Westchester, NY
Activities: DECA, Aristotle's Circle Tutor, Robotics Club

Research Paper Title: Understanding Indo-China Trade Relations Through Xiaomi Phone Manufacturing Policy

Publication Distribution: Industry news-source, High School Academic Journal

Mark, Grade 9

Hometown: Washington, DC
Activities: Student Government Association, Mock Trial, Model UN

Research Paper Title: Towards and Away From Authoritarianism: A Comparative Study of the 2016 Turkish Coup and the Fall of the Soviet Union

Publication Distribution: High School Academic Journal, non-profit organization's blog


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We connect our students with University mentors to help them navigate the college application process and craft their essays. We run workshops for students throughout out programs for college essays, and ensure that they are equipped with language on how to incorporate their accomplishments at The Carta Institute into their narratives.

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